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A clean keyboard will always be more performing than a dirty keyboard

but for sure it will be more hygienic.
To have an hygienic keyboard you obviously must clean it.

Find here some advices to make a good cleaning:

1. Aspiration

Switch off your Notebook, then with a hair dryer or a hand-vacuum cleaner (Be careful to use it on USB driver and not on sector adapter, it could be too powerful and aspire your keyboard keys) and aspire all dust, hair, or crumbs that you can find.
After aspiration, use a dry air bomb, to undust all keys deeply (Between keys and keyboard).

2. Cleaning

You can use a cloth or a damp coton swap (Warning: never use a liquid directly on the keyboard), apply them over the surface and sides of your keys.

3. Disinfection

As we all know, a keyboard is a source or bacteria. We suggest to use an alcoholic solution wipe (70°) or white vinegar (2/3 of water + 1/3 of white vinegar) over the keyboard surface and on the keys (Do not forget your mouse...)

Repeat it once every 15 days and your keyboard will thank you...