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Different types of Notebook keyboard.

Keys layout on a keyboard makes you enter alphabet characters in a specific language on a laptop keyboard. Depending on World area, it is existing several variations that can be decline very often in AZERTY and QWERTY languages.

AZERTY keyboard

The AZERTY layout is a specific characters disposal coming from the necessary Latin alphabet that needs French-speakers on a computer keyboard. An AZERTY keyboard has the marking of AZERTY layout. AZERTY analogous to UK QWERTY layout and QWERTZ layout is used with its own national variations in France and Belgium. Compared with multilingual Canadian keyboard, a standarded keyboard since 92 (Learn more below) containing all Uppercase characters from the French language set unfortunately missing on AZERTY French-speaker Belgian keyboard languages.

Clavier AZERTY français

QWERTY keyboard

The QWERTY layout was patented in 1868 by Christopher Latham Sholes, taking its name from the first six keys. It is used in almost all English-speaker countries. Based on this keyboard, there was derivatived all western keyboards, except the Dvorak keyboard and its multiple linguistic variations.

US QWERTY keyboardClavier QWERTY US

UK QWERTY keyboardClavier QWERTY UK

Latin America QWERTY keyboardClavier QWERTY d'Amérique Latine

Portuguese QWERTY keyboardClavier QWERTY portugais

Turkish QWERTY keyboardClavier QWERTY turc

Russian QWERTY keyboardClavier QWERTY russe

Taiwanese QWERTY keyboardClavier QWERTY Taiwanais

QWERTZ keyboard variation for German countriesClavier QWERTZ allemand

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