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How to find the right spare parts for your Asus device ?

To facilitate your spare parts search, we created on our website a meta-configurator that will help you find the right item for your Asus Notebook, smartphone, tablet...

Asus spare parts search

How to use it ?

It is very easy and fast, you just have to fill 3 classes:

Class 1: Select the Asus device you own (laptop, tablet, EeePc...)

Class 2: Select your Asus big series (Z, X...)

Class 3: Select your Asus series (ZE500, X550...)

Class 4: Select the exact model or your Asus (ZE500CL, X550JD)

Meta-configurator will send you an adapted list for your Asus.

You can enter your request directly in the class "Enter your Asus model".

If many choices are suggested, or if you do not find the item you need, do not hesitate to contact us precising the exact model of your device, and if it is possible the serial number to help us finding the right model for you.