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jusqu'au Nov 30, 2020 at 11:30 PM
TUF H7 Wireless Headphone

TUF H7 Wireless Headphone

P/N : 90YH01NY-B3UA00
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TUF Gaming H7 Wireless Headphone, wireless freedom

The new TUF Gaming H7 wireless headphone is designed to offer incredible freedom with a 2.4 GHz wireless connection and a dual antenna design that provide excellent signal stability and instant audio transmission.

Casque gaming Asus TUF Gaming sans fil

With a softer fabric design and positioned to reduce the pressure on eyeglass frames, the TUF Gaming H7 Wireless improves gaming comfort during extended sessions. The TUF Gaming H7 Wireless is multi-platform compatible (PC, Mac and PlayStation 4) and allows you to enjoy great sound no matter where you are.

The problem with traditional wireless headsets is that of the latency of unstable connections, with the TUF Gaming H7 Wireless overcomes these recurring problems thanks to the 2.4 GHz wireless technology, which offers a latency connection lower than Bluetooth headsets and offers instant audio transmission.

Its dual antenna design also features an automatic mechanism to avoid interference and ensure a stable connection even in complex Wi-Fi environments..

Due to its ruggedness and long battery life, the TUF Gaming H7 Wireless allows casual gamers to enjoy at least 8 days of play or music on a single charge, while hard-working gamers can benefit more than 15 hours of intensive play without recharging.

Casque gaming Asus TUF Gaming sans fil

An enhanced coverage area of up to 25 meters allows you to walk freely or leave your seat at half-time without worrying about losing your audio signal.

The TUF Gaming H7 Wireless has inherited of course some of the most iconic audio features of the ASUS gaming headset, including the ASUS Essence Waterproof Chamber and 53mm Speakers, which deliver clearer sound with powerful bass for an even more gaming experience, more immersive.

Casque gaming Asus TUF Gaming sans fil
  1. Exclusive waterproof chamber for a richer and purer sound
  2. Metal cover for cleaner sound with less distortion
  3. ASUS Essence 53mm driver for stronger bass
TUF Gaming H7 Wireless comes with handy physical controls on the headset that allow players to adjust the volume, mute or unmute the microphone, and turn the headset on and off easily.
  1. Volume control
  2. Microphone mute
  3. interrupter
With its adjustable ear cups, the TUF Gaming H7 Wireless adapts to all head shapes and allows players to play without fatigue for long periods.

The ear pads have been improved with a softer material, which reduces the pressure on the player's glasses to provide even more comfort to players wearing glasses.

Unlike other headsets, the TUF Gaming H7 Wireless ear cushions also feature specialized fast-cooling fabric and leather for improved comfort and sound insulation.
  1. Exclusive ASUS Hybrid ear cushions for exceptional sound insulation and comfort.
  2. The wrap-around design offers a 30% larger coverage area and 50% greater sound insulation.
  3. The specialized quick-cooling fabric stays cool and comfortable during long play sessions.
  4. The pressure-reducing material improves the comfort of players wearing glasses
The TUF Gaming H7 Wireless headphone is durable stainless steel. It has also been redesigned to provide a 20% lower clamping force than the previous version, for increased comfort during gaming.

Casque gaming Asus TUF Gaming sans fil

Armory II software offers extensive control management and an intuitive user interface, allowing you to easily adjust the TUF Gaming H7 Wireless headphone to your heart's content.

Casque gaming Asus TUF Gaming sans fil

You'll be able to easily take control of your audio experience, from EQ to level balancing in 7.1, and then easily create and apply audio profiles for different types of games and scenarios, such as FPS and automobile races.

Technical characteristics :

Connector: USB (2.4 GHz wireless)
Diameter: 53 mm
Pilot material: neodymium magnet
Microphone: Unidirectional
Impedance: 32 Ohm
Frequency response (headphone): 20 ~ 20000 Hz
Wireless technology: RF 2.4 GHz

Battery type : Lithium Polymer
Listening time (per charge): up to 15 hours
Charging time (full charge): 2 hours

Microphone :
External microphone: Unidirectional
Frequency response: 50 ~ 10000 Hz

Platforms : PC / MAC / PlayStation® 4

Accessories :
Charging cable
Detachable microphone
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