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Smartphone Zenfone Asus and ROG Phone

Which Asus Smartphone to choose?

Discover the latest Asus innovations in smartphones: Brimming with style, the Asus ZenFone range offers exceptional and innovative smartphones that incorporate the latest generation premium components and sublime design.
Whether you are a fan of borderless touch screens or an avid gamer, Asus offers the best mobile experience adapted to each user. Official distributor of the Asus brand, offers the Zenfone and ROG Phone Gaming ranges of the latest generations here. For example, the Zenfone 8 as well as the ROG Phone 5s with its 144 Hz / 1 ms screen which gives you the smoothest viewing experience.

Asus smartphones, such as ROG Phone 5 and Zenfone 8 are equipped with the latest high-end components and software to provide you with an unforgettable experience.
The ROG Phone is a smartphone specially designed for Gamers. It will accompany you on all battlefields and lead you to you victory. This Asus phone offers you smooth and stable image refresh rates so that your gaming sessions do not suffer from any latency.
It has an ultra-fast AMOLED screen with incredibly vivid colors - if you are a gamer passionate about the latest technologies and are picky about the quality of the components used, don't hesitate any longer, the range of Asus ROG smartphones is for you!
As for the Zenfone series, like the Zenfone 8, it combines the qualities of a smartphone for gamers and high skills in terms of camera with a Sony sensor.
With unparalleled style, you won't be able to resist the many qualities of the Asus Zenfone series for long. The Zenfone is an exceptional smartphone, designed with quality components.

Your Zenfone or ROG Phone on Accessoires Asus

Buy the latest Asus smartphones at the best price by ordering from Our team offers these top-of-the-range phones in different versions (Pro, Gaming, etc.) but also all the original components and spare parts to repair them if they were to break down following a fall or wear: battery, charger, antenna, shell, sensor, speaker ...
You will take professional quality photos with this amazing camera! Shop the best Asus smartphones on our site.
We are closely following the next announcement from Asus which should concern the release of the new Zenfone 9.
Do you still have some doubts about the specific model of Asus smartphone you want? Read our comparison of different Asus phones.

Find all the new Asus 2022 smartphones and their accessories on our Accessoires Asus site. If you are a gaming enthusiast, the ROG phone series is for you! This high-performance smartphone will keep up with you in all your games without weakening thanks to the incredible autonomy of its colossal battery. Discover our ROG phone collection at the best price, Accessoires Asus assures you fast delivery and secure payment.
Order on our shop, it is the guarantee of a fast delivery to the address of your choice (at home or in relay point).
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