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Asus WiFi

Asus AIO WiFi cards

If your WiFi is not longer working properly, it is advisable to put a compatible WiFi board in your Asus All-in-One. Find them at the best price on our online shop.
If you are on this page it is that you are part of the large community of Asus users and especially the range of desktop computers, All-in-One. This range has charmed you with its sleek and clean design, incredible audio-visual quality and the enormous space savings it has offered to your work plan. You have thus easily realized your various professional tasks, your personal office needs or your games, hobbies and various internet searches. But you have lost all fluidity and enjoyment of use since your computer Asus no longer detects any wireless network.

Can not connect to the internet anymore? Can not activate WiFi? Error messages appear when you try to launch the WiFi? You have tested your box by plugging your pc with the cable and the connection is there? Your WiFi disappeared from the devices of the computer?

Two different parts can then be affected by your network problem: the WiFi antenna that receives and captures the neighboring signal and the WiFi card, also called network controller card, which it uses this WiFi connection and manages the various associated parameters by connecting between the various groups of interests.

How to know which fault your pc has? The answer is simple, the antenna is only concerned if your computer has been dropped or has suffered too much opening and closing of the top case and the wire has been cut or damaged. All other failures are due to the network controller card. The easiest way to be sure of the failure is simply to open the back cover of the computer to look at the appearance of the WiFi antennas, if they seem to you in excellent condition (no pinching, movement, wire cut or disconnected) then the failure is indeed your internal WiFi card.

The WiFi network in your home does not work properly? It's then better to equip yourself with a new WiFi card compatible with your computer AIO to quickly find your wireless connection. Accessoires Asus offers official WiFi cards, brand new and 100% original, they are also produced and certified by Asus to guarantee you quality components and the durability of the part ordered. Network Controller Cards are available for the entire All-in-One range (Series A, ET20, ET22, ET24, Series V, ZEN Series) to meet the needs of every user, regardless of model of computer bought.

Be careful, however, about the change of your WiFi card, it is placed on the motherboard and unlike other changes of spare parts, we strongly advise you to use a professional to change the parts, since this step can be complex and requires technical knowledge and experience.

For all your repairs, Accessoires Asus and its team of professionals will assist you in answering all your questions and giving you the best advice by giving you all the information you need to repair your Asus products. In order to equip you with the best quality tools, you will find on our site lots of hardware and an Asus dismantling kit to assist you in your repairs.

Browse our site and also find accessories for the AIO and Asus spare parts such as cables, controller cards, slabs, power connectors or ventilation systems to keep your computer at its best.


WiFi Board for AsusPro

WiFi Board for AsusPro
Asus Internal Wireless Connection Card This WiFi and Bluetooth network card has the following features: - Model: AzureWave AW-CB161H - Format: Mini PCIe (Half) - Standards: WiFi 802.11 A / B / G / N...
39 ATI
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WiFi board

WiFi board
Wi-Fi board for the Asus laptop. Model: AZWAVE AW-NE785. Format: PCI Express Mini Standards: IEEE 802.11 B/G/N Warranty: 3 months...
39 ATI
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