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Asus RAM

Would you like to increase your Asus All in One memory? Asus Accessories online shop is the place to be, find best prices on RAM to install on your computer.
Some time ago you bought an Asus desktop computer from the All-in-One range. This trustworthy and powerful companion accompanies you for your work, for your office papers and tasks, but also for your games and various leisure parties. However you have lost the pleasure of using it since you endless loads and you can not use the latest programs or games, too heavy and too powerful for your memory RAM.
Your computer has a memory of 4 GB and you would like to upgrade to 8 GB? Want to enhance the RAM of your computer to increase the quality of play? You can not stand this idle operation that delays you in your computer activities?

It turns out that the memory stick of your laptop, also called RAM, is quickly saturated in its RAM, your computer then uses the hard drive as a second memory but it is much slower and much less responsive this which causes bugs or endless loads.

Would you like to boost the memory of your Asus AIO computer or replace the existing defective bar? Accessoires Asus can help you to add memory to your pc or change your laptop RAM, that is too saturated, and  help find the pleasures of a fluid and productive use.

In particular, all the RAM modules for the AIO desktop series (Series A, ET20, ET22, ET24, Series V, Series ZEN) are brand new, 100% original and Asus certified to ensure the quality and longevity of materials. For your Asus memory expansions, you will find 4GB memory modules and 8GB memory cards to meet your needs and your diverse and various uses.

Be careful, it is important to check the type of RAM present on your computer before ordering another to ensure its correspondence. If you have any doubt about the model on your computer, contact our team of Asus specialists who will be happy to advise you and guide you as best as they can for your Asus RAM.

In order to accompany you in every moment in your parts replacements, our team offers a simple method to make this repair yourself.
Before you start, turn off your computer, unplug it from any power source, and equip yourself with a Phillips screwdriver and a small flat-tip screwdriver:

- Put your computer screen so that the screen is facing the floor
- Remove the four screw covers at the four back corners of your computer and remove the screws placed underneath
- Place the flat screwdriver in the gap between the back shell and the front of the computer, turn all around to dislodge these two elements
- Then remove the back shell carefully, checking that no cables or cables are connected, or disconnect them by pressing on their connector.
- You find yourself facing the internal chassis of your pc
- The RAM (large rectangular green chip with black nodes) is placed next to the fan, under the gray box
- Unscrew all the screws around the fan and on the case
- Gently lift this same case and you see the location of the memory module
- Remove this bar by removing it from its location if you want to change it, if you want to double it a second empty slot is provided for this purpose next to your existing RAM
- Perform these steps in reverse to mount your computer

To guide you during your repairs or system improvements,  Asus offers a disassembly kit to have the right professional tools, compatible with all the products of the Asus brand.

Take advantage of your navigation to discover all the AIO accessories, but also your Asus spare parts such as WiFi cards, fans, slabs or controller cards.



Asus laptop DDR 4 GO RAM SO-DIMM This is to switch or supplant your laptop's last generation DDR. Low-tension memory (1.35 Volts) 204 pins (DDR3). Unbuffered DDR3 - 1600Mhz - 4096 PC3-12800. Thank...
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Asus laptop DDR3L 8 GO RAM SO-DIMM This is to switch or supplant your laptop's last generation DDR. Low-tension memory (1.35 Volts) 204 pins (DDR3). Unbuffered DDR3 - 1600Mhz - 8Go PC3-12800. Thank...
119 ATI
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