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Asus AIO Storage

Buy storage for your Asus All-In-One here

Do you want to increase the storage capacity, memory or start-up time of your AIO computer? Then you've come to the right place! Accessoires Asus offers you a wide range of HDD (mechanical hard disk) and SSD (solid state drive) models, adapted to your needs and at the best price!
The Asus All-In-One computer series brings together versatility, storage, power and a touchscreen in a stylish chassis. You are completely satisfied with your Asus AIO computer, but your hard drive is full and you need to replace it or add an extra hard drive to store all your digital content and data (photos, videos, files)? Accessoires Asus has selected for you quality hard drives, manufactured and certified by Asus.

Discover Asus hard drives at the best price 

Your AiO computer has a storage disk, which is essential for the installation of the operating system, various programs (Skype, Excel, Photoshop) as well as for your photos and videos. Is your storage space insufficient? On our website you will find the right storage disk for your needs. We offer you 1TB Sata HDDs, also with 500GB and 2TB capacity; for SSD hard drives you will have the choice between capacities of 250 GB up to 2 TB of storage. You thus have several interfaces and formats, which can be connected internally or externally.

SSDs have been popular for years, both for office use and for high-performance computers. They are perfectly suited for file transfer and game downloads, you will save a lot of time with an SSD.
HDDs are generally used for desktop computers, they play a fundamental role in data storage and computer data recovery.
All products sold on our website are manufactured and certified by Asus, and for your peace of mind we guarantee our products from 3 to 24 months.
Don't hesitate and order now, storage for your AiO device!
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