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Asus laptop Earphones

Your earphones decided to leave you when you needed them the most ? Find a new pair of Asus Earphones on our website. We warranty you the best prices and a fast delivery so that you won't have to live too long in the silence.
Your smartphone, tablet or computer is following you in a lot of your travels and with multiple uses; but if they have one thing in common it is your pair of earphones that plugs into all these devices and allows you to listen to music, to immerse yourself in your own bubble when you are in public transport or make calls easily without cluttering your hands. But earphones do not have an unlimited life, and yours just gave up. Indeed the kits of origins provided with your devices are not always the most powerful, it is now a question of selecting your new Asus earphones according to the criteria of the specific uses for each.
Your favorite earphones have just arrived at the end of life and you can not do without music? One of two earbuds work which makes the listening a lot less pleasant? You have to hack the wire that has false contacts to use your earphones ? Even at the highest level the sound has become very weak? Your earphones work to listen to music but you can not call with since the microphone has dropped? It's time to buy a new pair of earphones !

Accessoires Asus offers you Asus earphones compatible with all your devices; under warranty and 100% original. A wide choice is available between Asus In-Ear earphones , Asus Classic earphones (Semi-Intra) and Asus Wireless earphones so that everyone can choose their accessory according to their own criteria of use.
Certified and manufactured by Asus, our earphones ensure you optimal and safe performance while meeting the quality requirements of your equipment.

You will find, for example, the Asus wireless earphones (EB50N) equipped with Bluetooth and with a long battery life and a very solid cable ideal for sportsmen; but also innovative, highly developed earphones such as the ZenEarS earphones , which offers headphone-like audio performance with ultra-clear, supersonic sound thanks to the built-in speaker and hi-tech materials; Powerful and natural with an innovative design these earphones will delight players, music lovers and sportsmen.
Also available are FoneMate earphones with bass, a transducer and a microphone with noise filtering for crystal clear and comfortable calls.

You will be able to choose a new pair of earphones that combines quality of sound, isolation of the noisy environment (street, public transport, park ..), good behavior in the ear even in movements with a faithful reproduction of the sound thanks to many innovations making it powerful and nuanced. In addition, forget the problems of cables always entangled in the bottom of the bag or the pocket, thanks to the new flat cables ultra-flexible allowing an easy transport, light and always with a freedom of movements unequaled by their big competitors.

Are you still unsure about which model to choose? Get closer to our team of Asus technicians at your disposal to advise you and accompany you in each of your purchases, so that the chosen product is the most faithful to your expectations.

Browse our site and also find all the official Asus accessories to perfect your use, with among others Asus ROG earphones and Asus mics to make this virtual moment as real as life.


Earphones for Fonepad tablet

Earphones for Fonepad tablet
In-ear earphones for the smartphone and tablet Asus FonePad Take pleasure in some profound and energetic bass that will be adequately fitted to your ear with the 9.2 mm transductors of these...
17 ATI
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ZenFone Deluxe White and gold intra-auricular earphone

ZenFone Deluxe White and gold intra-auricular earphone
ZenEar S in-ear headphones, the accoustic cleanliness The new ZenEar S earbuds are so remarkable that you can simply compare them to the best auditory headphones. Due to the dual metal resonance...
35 ATI
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ZenFone Deluxe in-ear headphones ZenEars S (box)

ZenFone Deluxe in-ear headphones ZenEars S (box)
ZenEar S in-ear headphones, the accoustic cleanliness (box version) The new ZenEar S earbuds are so remarkable that you can simply compare them to the best auditory headphones. Due to the dual metal...
29.90 ATI
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