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ROG Black GX1000 mouse

ROG Black GX1000 mouse

P/N : 90-XB3B00MU00010
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ROG GX1000 mouse: Ergonomy, Toughness and Capabilities

Asus ROG GX1000 black

Various settings for a superior comfort

Design and durability are keywords for this ROG mouse layered in an aluminum alloy.
The included software will let you choose various settings such as Scanning frequency, Angle Snapping and Mouse stall.

Black GX1000 mouse

Technically, If you are meticulous about DPI and macros in your favorite LANS, you will not be let down, because the GX1000 mouse provides no less than 6 dedicated keys for resolution switch and macros recording..

A Progressive Technology

ROG gamer mouse

The high précision Laser sensor will provide you with a resolution of up to 8200 dpi. The glide will let you have a big movment capacity thanks to the Teflon rubbers. Regarding the connectors, the gold plated coating makes them transfer data quicker...

Are you interested in boosting the grip on your mouse between 2 Games? Asus delivers the GX1000 mouse with 5 weights of 5 grams each to add to the mouse as you prefer..

Asus Republic of Gamers


  • 8200 dpi resolution: An amazing accuracy with a resoltion from 50 to 8200 Dpi..
  • 6 programmable keys : Personalize your keys function (resolution/macro).
  • Dedicated software: Settings specifically created for Gamers, like answering time, letting you personalize your profiles

8200 Dpi mouse


  • Color: Black
  • Type: Laser
  • Technology: Wired
  • Wheel: Bi-directionnal
  • Grip: Right handed
  • Weight: 150 g (+ 5 weight of 5g each)
  • Height: 43,5 mm
  • Width: 65,5 mm
  • Depth: 128,5 mm
  • Compatibilities: Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8, Windows XP SP2 or up
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